Making the Best Out Of Your Pressure Cooker

If Pressure Cookers were to be a plane, they would be the fastest one out there. Here’s how to make the best out of your new kitchen appliance.

Make sure you know your pot

Pressure Cookers come in different shapes and size, and they are mainly categorized into two types. The old style Pressure Cooker has a weighted pressure regulator placed on the lid, while the other one has a spring valve.

Make sure your Pressure Cooker is nice and clean, without any defects before using it. Also, don’t forget to put in liquid before putting it on the stove. All pressure cookers use the steam from boiling water to get your meal cooked.

Some of the models come with the basket to steam your veggies or other foods that you prefer to eat that way. Be sure to use the basket if this is what you are doing.

Does food need to be prepared before using a Pressure Cooker?

Sometimes, yes. You can add ingredients gradually, so if you’re doing a dish that contains meat, you can put in some oil and vegetables and let them steam a little before adding the rest of the ingredients.

You also need to add some oil when using the basket to steam your food, so it won’t stick to it.

Most beans need to soak in water before being cooked in the Pressure Cooker. Also, veggies must be cleaned and washed with water.

How do you actually use it?

After you have your food ready to be cooked, just place it in the Pressure Cooker and add water. You should check instructions on how much water to add depending on the type of dish you’re making.

All Pressure Cookers come with a lid that can be locked. Don’t forget to do that so that the cooker can start doing its thing.

Depending on the type of Pressure Cooker, you might be able to check on the pressure inside through an indicator located on the lid, or by seeing the steam going up through the nozzle near the handle.

To get your dish perfectly cooked, set the timer when the steam has reached an acceptable margin.

The food’s ready. What’s next?

After the timer is up, your food is all cooked up and ready to go, you can turn off your stove (or unplug the Pressure Cooker). Then, start lowering the pressure in the cooker. There are several ways you can do that. The most common technique is putting the Pressure Cooker (if it’s a stove top one) in the sink, and letting cold water run onto it.

Some cookers have a release button on the lid which you can switch and let the pressure come out. Of course, you can also wait 20 minutes or so to let the pressure naturally escape the pot. Remember, Pressure Cookers release an incredible amount of steam that is dangerous, so always wait before taking the lid off. After all that’s done, it’s safe to remove the lid and enjoy a delicious meal!

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