The importance of hydration and the signs of dehydration

We all know that we need to drink more water than we generally do. Of course, everyone has the proper excuse for not drinking enough water daily. The first on the list is the heightened need to go to the restroom, but also, it’s the lack of time and concentration on it.

We would like to inspire you to drink more on a daily basis and tell you the 9 signs which indicate you are dehydrated and need to drink more water. This is especially important during the hotter summer period when drinking is vital to keep us fresh and vitalized.

You are thirsty paired up with dry mouth

This is no wonder, it’s a sign which we can all easily notice. When we feel thirsty, we should definitely go ahead and drink some.  Women should drink 2- 7 liters of water on an average day. The best way to fight thirst is to prevent it. Make sure you drink enough and if you are out, have a bottle of water with you, especially on the hot days.

Feelings of anger, fatigue and even confusion

Thirst also has several stages. When someone is through the first stage (which is simply being thirsty), then comes the second stage signaling a larger or deeper thirst. One really must drink at this stage because the danger of dehydration is elevated. This is especially true for babies, infants, and the elderly.

Blurred vision paired up with dry eyes

This is a form of dehydration which often happens with those who do sports and lose water due to excessive workout. That’s exactly why it’s important to drink throughout the whole exercise session and not to forget about it.

Headaches, feeling of disorientation

This is unfortunately another stage of being thirsty and your body screaming for any sort of fluids. At this stage, it is vital to get any fluid in the body because it is getting weakened due to feeling thirsty.

Muscle cramps

If you experience your muscles cramping, hurting this is a sign of them wanting you to intake more fluid and it’s also another sign of a more serious dehydration which should never be overlooked. If you keep yourself to your daily dose of water, then it will not ever happen.

You stop sweating

Lack of sweat simply means there is nothing more to sweat out and another very important sign of being thirsty.

Darkened urine

If there is nothing much to pee out, then the urine is also darker and denser. The urine can only get light yellow; once it’s darker, it’s a sign of you being dehydrated and another important alert that tells you to drink more.


We are essentially like a watermelon and once we start losing water, we will almost immediately start to dry out. Water is essential and no matter what fitness advise you get from any fitness fanatic you should never stop drinking water as it has all the best benefits and in fact lifesaving effect on your body.

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