The top 10 benefits of a good sleep

We all know that constant lack of sleep affects our health, wellbeing and daily productivity on a dramatic level.  That’s why we thought to inspire you to sleep more with this list of the top benefits of a good sleep.

  1. Enlarged productivity

Of course when you are fresher your productivity is also higher. There is no caffeine or energy drink in the world which would or could really make up for a good sleep. All in all, you need to sleep the minimum amount at least on a daily basis. The minimum amount varies between 6 to 8 hours depending on the person.

  1. Stress reducing effects

When you are tired, your reflexes are slower, your attention wonders and you won’t be able to do as much as you should. This is of course causing you to stress more as well. Stress as we all know have very bed, quite often even lethal effects on our bodies. Therefore rather prevent this from happening and get your daily sleep in the right time. Work on a sleeping schedule because after a few days your body would automatically set to that and from then on you won’t have issues with going to sleep.

  1. Memory improving effects

When you are fresh you are more productive and this also affects your memory. Lack of sleep makes your mind go number and forgetful. That’s exactly why it’s good to make sure, you get a good sleep on a daily basis.

  1. Reduces risk of depression

Feeling tired and eventually stressed has a very bad effect on both our body and soul. These are also the leading causes of depression, often chronic depression, which needs constant medical and therapeutically treatment. Make sure you prevent this from happening with the help of getting enough sleep on most days out of a week.

  1. Helps in self-healing

Sleeping has wonderful effects on your body and this also includes self –healing both mentally and physically.  Our body is able to self-heal when we get the best proper amount of sleep every day. You may easily realize this, once you set up a proper sleep pattern.

  1. Reducing inflammation

This is also in connection with self-healing but indeed our body is able to fight off inflammation and other illnesses when it’s 100% fresh and productive. Ensure you have a room which is the correct environment for your deep sleep.

  1. Improves reflexes and alertness

This doesn’t require too much of an explanation. When you are fresh you are quicker, your reflexes would instantly improve too.

  1. May even help in your diet

By sleeping you actually loose calories and you also help your metabolism to work fine and metabolism is the key of a successful and healthy diet.

  1. Sleep for a healthier heart

Less stress means all the best for your heart. Lack of sleep often results in over drinking coffee or tea which is bad for your heart. So be extra preventive, sleep more and drink less coffee.

  1. May even help in preventing cancer

Stress today is being directly connected to cancer by several medical research, according to which stress is a state of mind which has illness (cancer) generating effects, especially when it’s tired all the time. Therefore sleep more also, to prevent cancer from occurring in your body.

If you are struggling with sleep issues, please see Doc Orman’s Sleep Well Again book.

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