5 symptoms which can signal an underlying health issue

There are all sorts of symptoms that can be signs of at least a dozen different issues and sometimes not even experienced doctors know what one symptom means. However, there are some pretty surprising symptoms that you would never think that they can be signs of anything serious, yet they can.

Hereby we enlist 5 of these symptoms and what they can mean. But before reading on, please ensure you don’t fall for any of these signs: always go to your doctor first, go through a proper check in order to ensure what a specific symptom means.

We also would like to warn anyone who is prone to hypochondria not to take anything written below as a sure diagnose.

 Fingernails turning blue

This is a rather weird and rare one but it can happen with each one of us. If your fingernails turn blue that can be the sign of lung or pulmonary related illnesses. The color blue can be thanked to the change in the level of oxygen which gets in the blood. Of course we must also mention those who have a slower circulation especially wintertime as they are exceptions from these rules but apart from that, this symptom is best to get checked once noticed.

Retina freckles

Our eyes is one of our most sensitive organs and therefore it needs a very specific care. While most freckles can barely be seen or noticed by us, that’s exactly why it’s essential to visit an eye doctor from time to time: freckles can be signs of melanoma or even a tumor. This is also the case with regards to changes in eye color, pupil shape or size too.

Ear ringing

Ear ringing can mean several things, from the most blatant one (your ears need cleaning) to the more serious ones (head and neck tumors) it can also be sign of high blood pressure. If you experience a constant ringing or ringing from time to time, it’s high time to go see your doctor.

Loss of taste or smell

We tend to lose our taste and smell with the coming of aging but up until then it’s quite unnatural not to feel or smell properly. Of course there can be extra strong spices which can temporarily take our sense of taste away and the same goes for the strong smells but if you feel like your taste or smell is constantly going worse then you may have one of the following underlying issue:

  • Alzheimer disease
  • Various nasal or sinus problems
  • Nutrition related issues
  • Head injury
  • Co-effect of medications

Stronger facial hair for women

It’s no secret that when women’s hair, particularly facial hair gets stronger it’s generally a sign of hormonal changes, it’s no wonder this is something that generally occurs in the PMS period of a woman’s lifetime. However once you experience it visit your doctor in order to have your hormones rebalanced again.

Last but not least don’t assume anything until it’s been proven by your doctor or an expert doctor in that specific field.

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