Check Out These Best Places To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse This August

Have you ever observed the phenomenal glimpse of the complete solar eclipse? If you ever get such a chance then you have to lock your date on august 21st. All the Americans are eagerly waiting to observe this great experience as this is going to be the first time in many of their lives as most of them have seen in somewhere in 1979. Check out what are the best places where you can go to have a look at these best places so that you can remember this solar grandeur for the rest of the life.

Smoky Mountains National park

In these high end places there is a good chance to view the moon’s shadow on the sun for a less time of 1 minute 17 seconds. This magnificent glimpse can be seen around 2.35 p.m. EDT. The same glimpse can’t be seen in the flatter parts of the places. So there are many people who have planned to come and view this grand event.

Madras, Oregon

If you want to have a look at the complete solar eclipse for a couple of minutes, then you must rush to the high deserts or Oregon. Here there are many people who are willing to come to have a view of the most gorgeous sunsets which they have never even imagined in their life. This spectacular event of nature is expected to start at 10:19 a.m. PDT. So if you plan right now, you will be really lucky to admire this without fail.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Usually, there will be many people who will visit the national park of Grand Teton and in this year, there are many more people expecting as no one would even dare to miss the solar eclipse on August 21st.  For sure, there will be crowd on that day as this solar eclipse and its beauty can be seen for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Be sure to be there at 11:42 a.m. so that you can get your pair of solar eclipse glasses and can have a memorable day.

Arco, Idaho

On this day, there are a lot of events which one shouldn’t miss in their life at any instance. Here the eclipse is expected to be around 11:31 a.m. MDT and there are many people who are interested to get the best view at this place. One can view this for about 2 minutes and 18 seconds. There are people of all ages who are interested to come and watch this grand event.

Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

Usually, there will be very less number of people who are expected to the southern tip of Illinois as this is not considered to be the best tourist destination. But you can go there to view the solar eclipse for about 2 minutes and 41.6 seconds at around 1:20 p.m. CDT. There will be a lot of people coming to the Shawnee national forest, Illinois.

It is depending on the place that is near to you or based on the time and feasibility you have, always plan to rush to the nearby place and enjoy the solar eclipse.

To find more places to watch the solar eclipse, check out this resource from Space: Solar Eclipse 2017 Guide

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