14 Gardening Hacks That Anyone Can Try

Gardening is a great hobby that is not only relaxing but also results in a beautiful and colorful conclusion. Regardless of whether you have a green thumb or are just getting started, you could certainly benefit from some tips to make it a little easier. Here are some simple tips that you can use:

  1. If you want to keep young plants protected from the sudden drops in temperature during the night, all you need are clay pots. Just place the clay pots over the plants where they will act as cloches against the cold.
  2. Looking to get rid of those salt deposits on your clay pots? Mix rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water in equal parts in a spray bottle. Spray this solution onto the pot and clean it with a brush. You should make sure that the pot has completely dried before planting anything in it.
  3. You can make a hose guide out of pots that may have been around the garden. At the corner of the flower bed, drive a rebar into the ground. Then, slide a downward facing pot down this bar and then place an upwards facing pot over it. This way, the hose will slide around the pot instead of getting caught in your plants.
  4. To prevent dirt from getting stuck under your fingernails, dig your fingers into a bar of soap. This will seal off the area under the nails and prevent dirt from getting in.
  5. If you want to make sure that your plants are evenly spaced apart, turn a garden tool with a long handle into a ruler. Lay the long handled tool and a ruler side by side. Make the corresponding marks on the handle in permanent marker. Now you will always have an accurate ruler on hand.
  6. To stop the line on your string trimmer from breaking, spray it with vegetable oil before placing it into the trimmer.
  7. For weather-proof, natural markers, use rocks. Take a flat rock and write the name of the plant in permanent marker. You can then place it in front of that patch.
  8. You can always have a handy supply of twine in the garden with the help of a clay pot. Place the twine on the ground and pull the end of the twine through the drainage hole. Then put the pot over the twine.
  9. When you next boil or steam vegetables, retain the water. Once it has cooled, use it to water your plants as it helps them flourish.
  10. You can ward off fungus with chamomile tea. You can add a small amount to the soil or instead spray the leaves with the tea about once a week.
  11. If you want to be methodical about aphid removal, wrap a large piece of tape around your fingers, the sticky side exposed. Then pat the leaves with this finger, especially on the underside of the leaves to get rid of the aphids.
  12. To dry your fresh herbs faster, use the front seat of your car. Simply set some newspaper down on the seats and spread the herbs down. Then, with the windows rolled up, close the doors and leave them in for a few hours.
  13. Certain plants need acidic soils and you can balance the pH yourself. Sprinkle coffee and tea grinds into the soil about once a month. A quarter of an inch should suffice.
  14. If you are looking to create your own tea service or birdbath, use a flipped over clay pot with a large saucer on top

These are some of the tips and tricks that will take your gardening to the next level.

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