Deep Frying Your Food like An Expert

We all love deep fried chicken, fries, and other wondrous meals that will get your cholesterol up and running, but using conventional means is a real messy job.

What is a Deep Fryer?

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5-Liter Oil Capacity (35034) A Deep Fryer is an electric frying machine that is no longer used just in restaurants, but also in households around the world. The model you’ll have in your home is much smaller and more practical than his commercial predecessors, offering you a safe and quick way to fry your food.

What is it made of?

All deep fryers consist of a cooking chamber, which is always temperature controlled, and holds the cooking oil. The chamber is incorporated in a cast iron pot that can be safely stored on a countertop when cooking. Besides that, it contains a removable basket with handles in which the food is placed for frying.

The aforementioned chambers can be detachable for easy cleaning. There are a number of different deep fryers on the market, but most of them have one chamber. Some of them come with 2 chambers, each of them with its individual pot, and with individual lids.

Other Deep Fryers don’t have the removable baskets, and the food is directly placed on the bottom of the oil-filled chamber.

How to make an educated choice when shopping for a Deep Fryer?


The market incorporates a vast range of deep fryers you can use at home. Some of them are smaller, some bigger, and some more advanced than the others. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time near it when the food gets cooked, a digital controlled one is best suited for you.

Also, if you don’t want to leave it up on a counter, and want to store it, there are several compact fryers that you can get. Some of the available fryers even come with programs for different types of food, the cooking time and temperature differing for chicken, fries or other goods. There are also extra accessories available for smaller foods, so you don’t have to get the whole basket and having to clean it afterwards.

Also, remember the following factors when you’re shopping for a deep fryer:

  • Capacity: Depending on your needs, you can get a bigger one (if you have storage space), or a smaller one that you can just leave on a counter.
  • Safety: All electric deep fryers are safer in general, but measures will always be needed. Propane fryers are a little more dangerous, so make sure to read the safety instructions.
  • Types of use: If you want to acquire one just for fries, then this is not necessarily an issue for you, but for more than that, it is best to know your options.
  • Time to heat up: Deep fryers have different heating up times that are written, most commonly on their box. Using a deep fryer usually means time saving, so be sure to check that out.
  • Cleaning ease: if you choose a bigger deep fryer, be sure its detachable parts fit into your sink/washing machine. Also, some fryers come with an automated particle catcher on the bottom so you can re-use the oil longer.

How using a Deep Fryer can make your life easier?

Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer, 4.5-Liter Oil Capacity (35034)Wanting to cook a deep fried meal can be a challenging task. Using up a lot of oil in a pan, putting the food there and making sure nothing gets splatted or spilled, having to clean up afterwards and dispose of the oil.

When using a Deep Fryer, all you need to do is turn it on, wait for the oil to heat up, place the food in the basket (or on the bottom of the chamber), cook it, and then empty the basket onto a napkin to capture the excess oil.

After just a few moments, your delicious food is ready to eat!

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