Top 6 Health Mistakes Women Make in their Thirties

When you are thirty, the world is still yours, you are still young and you probably have an established career or have started to build yourself a family. However in all of the excitement and busy lifestyles, women in their thirties tend to overlook some health related factors which they shouldn’t

Lack of fitness

Working out at least once or twice a week is so important as well for women as for men.  Being lazy results in the lack of the proper muscle mass for the time we get older, there will just be not enough support for the bones and they will also not be as strong as they should be had they been strengthened back in the day. In addition as studies show active and sporty lifestyle reduces the risks of cancer and other illnesses and if you are fitter you also lose much less muscle mass too.

Solution: enroll in some form of a fitness or take on any activity which has similar effects. This can mean swimming, trekking, hiking, walking a lot. Anything which helps your muscles stay intact even from the Thirties when the actual muscle mass already starts to decline.

You don’t support your metabolism

Metabolism is the key to a healthy body and soul. It needs a good proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in order to work its best. The bad news is, that from the age of thirty you need to pay much more attention to it as it actually starts to slow down naturally. This means better food, better nutrition and much more attention to details when it comes to a healthy diet plan. Pair it up with a good strength training for it to work out the best way for you.

The gradual loss of your ability to become pregnant

It varies from person to person but all in all the older you get the harder it will become for you to get pregnant. There are many women who plan to become pregnant after they succeed in career building but at times, it’s not that easy. Always check with your doctor and go through a couple of examinations to see how fertile you are and how much of a chance you have to become pregnant over 30.

Get checked regularly

We tend to overlook our underlying or silent medical issues because let’s be honest, going to the doctor is a hassle. But eventually, you have to make the proper time for it, as issues such as high cholesterol or higher blood pressure can have lethal consequences on your health.

Failure to use skincare which suits your skin

Women in their thirties often tend to use skincare which was devised for teenagers, especially when it comes to treating acne (which differs from teenage acne) with lotions and gels devised for teenagers. Always use gentler products so that your skin won’t get damaged from the harsher teenage products.

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