How To Battle Everyday Stress?

Main roots of stress

Stress at work

You may have a lot to deal with: stuff to be done until a specific deadline, which you are aware that you won’t be able to do, the daily goals which sometimes force you to try to overachieve or even stay overtime in order to be able to manage it all. Let’s see some common techniques to battle work related stress.

Stress at home

You haven’t cleaned in a while and you ought to wash the dishes, make dinner, check the homework of the kids, take care of your husband’s clothes for tomorrow and you only have a few hours to make this all happen until the new day starts and you need to get to work on time.

Stress due to lack of time

This is one of the common reasons of stress, when you always have to run and you just don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel because there is always something to be done, something to take care of.

Stress due to money

We all know this one as well: we just don’t have enough money to make it all happen and when we think that we could save some at last, there is always something which needs sudden repair.

Stress due to stress

Last but not least, we all worry that our stress will have long-term effects on our body and soul and of all the health related effects.


Steps on how to cure stress

    • Learn to breathe: there are some great breathing techniques such as yoga breathing which have all the beneficial effects of relaxing. Exercise it whenever you have a few minutes

  • Learn to take a break sometimes: both at home and at work. It’s a great way to just transport yourself to somewhere else if only for a few minutes’ time
  • Get away from it all: a few days’ break somewhere else is the best cure but be sure to go alone or with one good friend, with whom you can enjoy some me-time
  • Learn about time management: managing your time is a skill which can be learned and perfected
  • Learn about budget management: set your borders and don’t let go no matter what.
  • There is nothing that cannot wait: learn to deal with the acceptance that you won’t be able to handle things on time all the time and learn to let go. This way you release much of the stress.
  • Sleep enough: sleep is essential just like water for being able to cope with the everyday tasks.
  • Vitamins and water: make sure you drink a lot and you consume your daily vitamins

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