How To Declutter The Professional Way

Decluttering is a great task for so many reasons: unfortunately we don’t always do it the way it should be done. That’s why we felt it’s high time to ask an expert on how professionals declutter and share it with everyone to learn from it.

Decluttering is a very specific activity, which next to being practical will always help you:

  • Relax
  • Make your everyday much less stress free
  • Help in cleaning
  • Help you feeling much more organized

Most of us like to horde things and again most of us would end up creating a large mess at home especially if we live in a family with kids where packing after many others is part of our lives. So, how to end the mess and start being more organized? Here are some handy tips from experts which are easy to keep and follow once you get into it.

Always pack everything right there and then

If the washed clothes have dried pack them away right there and then: many of us just end up packing all the dried clothes to one specific place in the room where they would then pile up for days, because we have no time to pack them all away: try to use some minimal time to fold them and pack them away before getting out the new load from the washing machine. This way there will be much less mess.

Try to find a place for everything: then make the whole family stick to it

There can be one or more playing area in your home for the kids, but be strict on where they can play and especially to pack things away after playing. This way toys would not be everywhere and the room would look much more organized too.

Have a decluttering day once every few months

Arrange for you to have at least half a day to declutter one or more rooms in your home. There are specific areas where things like to get piled up, messy and places where you horde things, which need to be kept an eye on. Make a decluttering plan and don’t forget to recycle as much as you can: so that others can use it too and that you can be more environmentally conscious.

Have seasonal clothes packed away

Make it a regular duty to pack away all clothes which are not for the specific season. Why have winter clothes all around when it’s the summer? You can have tons more spare space if you box the winter clothes until the coming of the next winter.

Do a strict decluttering of clothes

Be very honest with both your and your kids’ clothes. What you won’t wear, rather give them away. If there are clothes which have become too small for your kids gift them away. And last but not least if you won’t wear a garment for a year, there is no use keeping it: sell them or give them to charity.

And if you feel you are just full of everything:

Do a garage sale

It’s fun and you may end up making some pocket money next to getting a much less messy home.

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