Get Your Brain Up and Ready Early With These 4 Foods That Boost Brain Power

Being a morning person can be tough, but having the right eating habits in the morning can assure a great power-up for the whole day.

Breakfast is the meal that you absolutely have to eat – there’s no going around that. It helps in maintaining a healthy life, shedding weight, and providing your brain everything it needs to work better every day. There are some foods that were proven to offer your brain what it needs so that you can go out and about doing your daily business effectively.

Eggs are your ally

Proteins keep you and your brain running. Brain function has proven to be increased when consuming an adequate amount of proteins throughout the day. When you wake up, your brain needs a boost to get it up and running, and eating some hard-boiled eggs will do just that. Eggs are known for their high protein level, and boiling them helps preserving that positive feature. Also, eggs contain tyrosine that wakes up your brain faster and gets you ready for that long day you have ahead. You can also use fried eggs to make a delicious sandwich, or even an omelet.

Choosing whole grain

Another ingredient that helps you in the morning are whole grain cereals. Unlike regular cereals that are high in sugar, these high fiber cereals will definitely give you a boost, and will not leave you hungry after a couple of hours.

Adding fresh fruits to those cereals will add the extra flavor to determine you to stick with this healthy breakfast. Mixing whole grain cereals and fruits with yogurt will prove to be even more delicious, resulting in a perfect yogurt parfait full of antioxidants, fibers and proteins.

Assorted fruit shakes on white table. Smoothie concept

Smoothies – easy and delicious

For active people that don’t have a lot of time in the morning to eat, smoothies might be the perfect invention. Smoothies can even be prepared ahead and stored in the fridge. Be careful to choose the right ingredients, like fat-free milk, berries, bananas and cereals to assure your brain has all the antioxidants, omega 3s and fibers. The smoothies help to power up properly and be active all day. Do add a little extra, you can serve the smoothie with cottage cheese, bananas or add a little cinnamon.


Going back to whole grain, choosing it for your bread is amazing. It contains fiber, low sugar and provides a lot of energy. The great thing with toast is that it goes with anything. Mixing it up with peanut butter provides a lot of brain benefits as it is rich in vitamin B6. This wonder vitamin is essential for a healthy brain, and improving memory.

Another thing that goes perfect with toast is salmon. It provides a great power-up to your brain by adding omega 3 fatty acids, which are responsible with making brain cells communicate with each other.

French toast with some coconut added will procure the needed triglycerides for your brain to function at its peak performance all day.

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