How to Maintain a Better Sleep Pattern

Sleep is the key to a balanced day. We all are well aware of this, yet still so many of us would just go and voluntarily destroy our sleeping pattern. This may result in our days becoming more stressful, our energy levels being low all day long, and our productivity being reduced. So, how can we set a good sleep pattern  and maintain it? Please see these tips coming from sleep experts as to how you can create and stick to a good sleeping pattern.

We are all productive in different times of a day. While some of us like to work in the morning, others would only able to do it in the evening or at night. But no matter when we are our most productive selves we all need our sleep to be set and this always requires discipline. So, let’s see a few tips on how we can help our sleep.

Sleep pattern

A sleep pattern, or also called sleep schedule, is an essential part of our everyday life. Sometimes, it’s difficult to establish a good sleep pattern but sooner or later our body eventually forces us to do so.

Of course, this all depends on when you work and how you work but going to sleep in roughly the same time and waking up at the same time will have a magical effect for your days. Just try it for a week and you will instantly see the results.

How to work out the best sleep pattern for you?

It’s all about syncing your working hours, the time you have available for sleep and your preferences. It’s important to keep yourself to it, even if you would like to stay up some more. Most of us work around 8 to 9 hours daily, with commuting this is around 9-9, 5 hours of our 24 hours daily. This means we will have around 13-15 hours available for us.

How many hours of sleep do you need?

Of course, most studies say that we need at least 8 hours of sleep, but there are some people who don’t need 8 hours and then there are others who need more than 8 hours in order to feel really good and be 100% productive most of the day. In order to find this out, you don’t need much because we all know ourselves to this extent. If you are good with 6-7 hours of sleep a day, then naturally you will have an easier task to pre-determine your sleep.

Morning or night person

If you are a night person, then naturally it’s better for you to go to sleep later than the average person. However, your sleep pattern is also determined by the fact whether you have to work in the morning or in the afternoon / evening hours. The best scenario is of course if a night person works at night but this also means that they need to build up a sleep pattern during the day.

Same goes for a morning person who also needs to wake up early in order to get to work. If you happen to be an evening person who has to work in the morning, you need to build up stricter rules for your sleep and be determined to go to sleep earlier than you normally would, to be productive all day long.

Set this up and work on it for the weeks to come in order to have your sleep schedule stabilized, you will see that it will brighten up your mood and make you feel way fresher than you normally would.

If you are still struggling with sleep issues, please see Doc Orman’s Sleep Well Again book.

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