Should you try Sleeping Pills?

Many of us go through periods where it is simply difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep. If you feel you don’t sleep enough and would need more sleep, but you cannot naturally get it, then it’s time for you to consider getting some sleeping aids.

There are two key types of sleeping aids:

Natural methods of falling asleep

These are the methods which don’t come with you having to eat or take anything, but rather only use a method to relax. This can be the good old counting sheep method or any other methods, such as thinking about all sorts of different things without connections, listening to music, boring your mind to sleep, daydreaming, or anything else.

Natural remedies

There are tons of natural remedies and other methods that can help you fall asleep, such as counting sheep or drinking milk with honey. You need to work out which method is the best for you; however, if you feel you have a chronic sleeping disorder, which means you don’t sleep enough time even when you clearly have the ability to do so, then it’s best to visit a doctor and ask for assistance.

Medicines (over the counter)

There are all sorts of medicines and tranquilizers that can help you fall asleep by simply making you less stressed. For instance, Luna is a well known over the counter medicine that can help you fall asleep. You can buy them in a pharmacy or drug store, or online via Amazon.

Prescription drugs:  these are the drugs which are the hardcore medications to help with sleep. These are strictly only prescribed for those who are suffering from any chronic pain, stress or have other disorders which limit their sleeping ability. There are many downsides of prescription drugs. First of all they tend to be addictive.

The other drawback of these medicines is, that they won’t help in self-healing on the long-term which means you either take them and sleep or don’t take them and won’t sleep. As someone needs to take them regularly people get prone to become addicted to them.

In addition to this, according to recent research, some brands of sleeping pills also carry a high risk of the patient dying in their sleep or even for them to get cancer. These are specifically those pills which contain the so-called benzodiazepines including the ingredients featured in the below medications:

  • Ambien (contains zolpidem)
  • Sonata ( contains zaleplon)
  • Lunesta ( contains eszopiclone)

This is of course not to mean that someone who needs subscription pills for sleep should suddenly stop taking them. It is more of a motivation or urge for all those, who could sleep using alternate, holistic methods should not necessarily use prescribed medication for falling asleep.

The number of people taking prescribed or non-prescribed sleeping pills in the US is extremely high. This study shows that sleeping pill which is a heavy medication can contain chemicals which can severely harm the body and affect health if taken for a long time.

If you are still struggling with sleep issues, please see Doc Orman’s Sleep Well Again book.

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